Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Going to be a Long 11 months

Decorating my Christmas tree is a adrenalin rush, especially when and if my kids get involved. I have some great old world type Christmas ornaments which I have had for longer than I care to remember and I am totally in love with all of them. I keep up the new custom of ordering/purchasing new ornament(s) every Christmas for each family member and try to customize it to them. For my daughter living in New England and on the beach (oxymoron I know) there is the Radko sand castle. As well her job requires lots of travel so there is the Radko suitcase. She is 28 and single so I look for Martini themed items...the olive, the Cosmo, etc... My son is a avid fisherman so his this year was a creel and rainbow trout. My daughter in law blessed us with our 1st grandchild so that was a cinch...a baby blue bottle and a alphabet block. Me, I love old world Kringle's and whimsy...found a Radko stocking that was long and skinny, orange with pink polka dots....truly a new favorite. The tree is packed with decorations I adore....I call them all friends as I am on a 1st name basis with each and everyone and as I have my morning coffee each day we get re- acquainted. My husband you ask?...a beer fan and yes I found a beer bottle. Kind of redneck I know but fits in perfectly.

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