Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That time of Year


  1. OK now where does one go to be a purchaser of these mighty fine lovlies? On line?

  2. OK, so I am not a big purchaser of on line ornaments only because I HATE paying "handling" fees. The shipping is expected as long as it's reasonable (come on ...ornaments are light a airy)...yes they need bubble wrap to keep from breaking but some retailers go "overboard" on handling charges to the point of robbery. If I find a yummy ornament that I am pretty sure I can't find at the bigger shops in bigger cities close by (re: Portland Oregon), I will "bite the bullet" and go for it. While browsing the other day I came across the following and having ornament withdrawals mid winter, I decided to place an order. I kid you not....the shipping across the country...Mississippi to Oregon was only $3.95 for 2 ornaments.....and they arrived within 3 days in splendid condition....Holy Moly what FABULOUS service! So, I decided to give a shout out to Pence Christmas Tree Farm. While I am still learning about this retirement venture of the owners, from what I can gather is that the retired husband started Pence Christmas Tree Farm, his wife then opened Southern Belles and Whistles shop and they recently added Trendy Tree to their offerings. Will I be a repeat customer (she says with a smile), You BET !!!!!

    Ornament Lines carried on their site(s) are Ing Glass, Old World, Santa Claus, Varsovia and RAZ which are all very reasonably priced. Old World ornaments can be found everywhere so I am particularly please they are offing Varsovia as well as RAZ a new whimsical favorite!!