Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whimsy Wednesday !!!!!

Add a ornament!!

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Mr Linky:

Really any ornament will do. Add one that brings a smile to your face...that ah moment...the simple response of a magical moment or one that evokes any memory of another place and time.

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  1. Cute. You wouldn't think there'd be a Christmas ornament to fit this category, but there is!


  2. Hi Holly,

    Is there a site that shows ornaments besides yours. I am so computer illerate sometimes as to how to get to things. I am lucky to be able to do a blogsite and still cannot figure out how to do half the things there. But at least I am slowly learning. The sad thing is that I have owned a PC since '92. And have had jobs working with computers. I just learn what I needed and that was it.

    Anyway I would enjoy participating if there was a place to find them.

    God bless.

  3. I haven't looked for other sites for quite awhile Mrsupole. Last time I looked I couldn't find any sites dedicated to just blown glass ornaments. These are just a hobby/fascination of mine so I decided to blog about them. Evidently there is not much interest as I only have 1 follower after 6 months of posting....who knew in the entire world not that many persons are interested in blown glass ornaments. Oh well, it does not deter me...I am still in awe of the process of how a cottage industry came to be. Thanks for viewing and your continued kind feed back!!