Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Theme Thursday Shoe

Flip Flop or Thongs (showing my age and making my daughter cringe, she says with a smile)

Dancing with the Stars

Tennis Shoes

Saddle Oxfords

Beaded Moccasins

Red Ruby Slippers

Penny Loafers

Black High Tops


Red High Tops


Rubber Boots



  1. my wife would like those ruby red slippers...she's a big fan.

  2. WOW!!! Those are awesome tree bulbs!!! :)

  3. all the colors in the mocassins...very cool. take the converse any day though.

  4. THONGS! YES! I grew up calling flip flops "thongs," thanks to my mother, who also calls carbonated beverages "tonic" when everyone else in my area calls them "soda."

    The first time I ever heard the term "flip flops" was when I was visiting a slightly-older cousin. I was about six or seven. I referred to her "thongs," and in an incredibly annoying voice, she said, "They're called flip flops!" She then began an exaggerated walk, which caused them to make... well... a flip-flopping sound. The sound of the shoes and the sound of her voice made me want to pull the shoes off of her feet and beat her across the head with them... but I didn't.

    Sorry. Just had to share that..

  5. @S.F., I remember them being called "thongs" as well...

    Holly, I'll take the black Converse sneakers :)

  6. Thank you each and everyone!!! Silver Fox----you so made me laugh....I would have hit the ole batty aunt over the head as well....AND to top it off.....she was old enought to call them thongs. Regardless...I love my thongs !! :-)

  7. Wow! What a great group of shoes. Even saw one pair that i will have to consider purchasing.

    Nice post.