Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Theme Thursday ! ! Color: RED

Red Piano

Red Moose

Red Trolly

Red Taxi

Red Racer

Red Nail Polish

Red Onesie

Red Robot

Red High Tops

Red Head

Red GameBoard

Red Devil

Red Radio

Red Megaphone

Red Maple Leaf

Red Dog

Red Rasberry

Red Bearer of Gifts

Red Heart


  1. The robot is my absolute favorite! ADORABLE!

  2. A glorious collection of RED ornaments -
    thanks for sharing!


  3. nice take on the theme. i like the red sneakers.

  4. I like the Red Racer and the Red Taxi. Only when I come to your site do I ever get the urge to put a tree up again. But then I have to take it down. So still not one up just yet. But I used to like to do color themes and a red theme would be so cool to do again. Purple, blues, and silver are faves too.

    God bless.

  5. Holly this one was made for you! Red and Green anyway! Cheers :)