Friday, December 12, 2008

In case it isn't apparent, I am new to this blog-er-roo thingy. I keep trying to paste fun vibrant photos of ornaments on this blog to add interesting visuals but who knows where they end up...out in never never land. I am old. Old in terms of computers. I was born pre-Internet and learning how to maneuver through the maze of basic publishing is almost beyond me but that is another story..... I just wanted to give whomever may stumble on this blog a heads up...I am trying.

There has to be more than 1 person in the world who loves the bright visual baubles of blow glass ornaments besides me. In fact I know there are. Just by the hoards of persons who "out-bid" me on E-Bay...I wish they'd blog. E-Bay....I'm just sort of a half hearted junkie. I NEVER bid over $10.00 and if shipping is more than 4.50 FORGET it. Yes that's right, my limit is about $15.00 per. Frugal by birth (raised by a depression mother who drilled into my consciousness to be thrifty. I just can't justify spending much. I HATE the shipping fee but recognize I couldn't drive across town let alone the country to obtain the treasures that bring me such pleasure. If there is a handling fee added I don't even bid so alias....many fun treats have escaped me and I have accepted that.

I have 2 children....(both adults now) and when they were really little, I bought 3 of everything ornament wise. My reasoning was they would grow up with these little treasures and when they moved out on their own I wanted them to have wonderful memories of shared ornaments and Christmases. My son would torment me relentlessly that his secret desire was to sit on the couch with his B.B. gun and pick off the heads of the snowmen.....I cried at this thought until he confessed his fondness for all things on the tree. When he married, his wife welcomed with open arms that 1st Christmas I showed up at their home with boxes in hand of the treasures I had collected. Yes, now she is a rabid collector as well. It's truly delightful at the merriment a small bauble can bring to her face mid August when I show up with "trip gifts".....I am blessed. When my daughter visits from far away places she always inquires "where is the _ _ _"...I pride myself in walking to the tree and pointing within seconds, where each trinket she names is placed. She is amazed at my abilities....I am just thrilled I can remember anything at this age. I am the one who has a "gift shelf". I purchase all year long for family and friends and yet when the gift giving day arrives I and madly searching for where I placed whatever. It drives me CRAZY and more times than not I can't find what I am looking for until 6 months later and sometimes not at all. God, old age...what can I say. When I die they will bring a dump truck to clean out the house...and my children will laugh hysterically at what they fine and shake their heads as well.

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