Thursday, December 11, 2008

Variety of Brands

Ornaments on my tree carry a variety of labels. Varsovia, Gifford, Christborn, Aboz, Pola Gedania, Marco Miller, Radko, Breen and Old World among others. For me it's the adventure in the find. As mentioned before...I search all year for the whimsical. I guess I prefer the German/Polish Kringle's....skinny and gaunt compared to the Americanized "Thomas Nast" fatties but some bizarre ones grace my tree. I DON'T DO "cutesy' in anyway, shape or form. I've got snowmen, tin soldiers, jesters....tons of Americana red white and blue. Angles, Pansy's (my daughter is a Theta) drums, clocks, martini glasses...the odd high heel, purse and lipstick and birds. I hate eyelashes but don't mind a dab of blush on the cheeks or nose. Oh and size.....minis are fine and great fillers but my limit is about 6 inches.....if they get bigger the weight is more that the branch can bear holding as many as 7 along it's length. I guess my preferred size is 4 or 5 inches. I have never counted how many I have....lets just say it's many.

I can recount where most came from.....the Mom's week-end trip in college, girls week-end to resorts in SunRiver Or, Leavenworth Wa. A Christmas trip to visit a friend in Spokane Wa or the heart warming visit to see my daughter in New England.

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