Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where do I find ornaments?

It's December....the tree is up and I am in search of great blown glass ornaments. The best seem to come from eastern European countries...Poland and Germany. However there is a lot to be said for those of Old World Christmas and it's Japan line. They are cheaper and GREAT fillers. One of my favorite places to shop for blown glass type ornaments is Old World Marketplace. I am not discounting the beauty of Christopher Radko or Patricia Breen ornaments but for the most part those are out of reach to me. Plus I prefer the simpler look of Christopher early ornaments in the 1990's to the ornateness of later years. Since I live in eastern Oregon I am limited to quick day trips to the Portland area so my knowledge of the best shopping places centers around those. That said, I am open to suggestions for great haunts. I buy all year round and am in constant search of new and inspiring quirkiness to add to my tree.

Favorite higher end shopping experiences are to be found in Portland on NW 23rd..."Christmas at the Zoo" and in Sherwood at "Sleighbells". Ludemans in Beaverton has a great selection but other than that I welcome suggestions of locations to visit.

My goal is to eventually visit Berlin during early December for many of the great Christmas markets.

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